We offer a variety of PT and OT programs, please click on a program name to learn more.

Traditional Physical / Occupational Therapy

Do you have aches and pains?  Are you avoiding stairs because your knee hurts?  Has your Mother slipped on the ice and fallen?  Did your child break her arm?  Have you pulled your back out playing tennis?  Did your husband get diagnosed with neuropathy?  Did your teenager sprain their ankle playing basketball?  Did your sister have surgery?

ProHealth & Fitness can help you, your family, and your friends to improve function and hopefully get you all back to your “normal” NYC lives.

ProHealth’s fully licensed Physical and Occupational therapists will evaluate you carefully, develop an individualized therapy program aimed at restoring your function, prescribe a progressive home exercise program, communicate with your doctors, and CARE for you to help to achieve an optimal outcome no matter your diagnosis.

Home Rehabilitation

The ability to provide customized care treatment programs at our patients home, sets us apart. Not only are our specialized staff trained in home visits, we offer our clients the flexibility of both coming into our clinic as well as scheduling private home visits…

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ProHealth and Fitness’ Home Rehabilitation Program has provided skilled care to thousands of New Yorkers over the past 10 years. While promoting aging in place, and more specifically ‘successful aging,’ we have partnered with many home health agencies, social service organizations, geriatric care managers, and discharge planners to ensure a smooth transition from a hospital stay, a rehab stint, or post surgical management to home based skilled care aimed at promoting independence and function. Our administrative staff works closely with patients and their families to schedule services and any specialty services that may be of benefit. Individualized skilled physical and occupational therapy care in the comfort of the patients’ home is often the best place to ensure improvement, compliance, and good outcomes.


ProHealth & Fitness is proud to be the first authorized provider in Manhattan to be specially trained to offer the revolutionary AposTherapy treatment.

This treatment is primarily for arthritis of the knee, hip, and back, but can also treat imbalance, and other pathologies.

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It is based on the understanding that the development and progression of knee pain and osteoarthritis can depend on the way you walk, AposTherapy analyzes and corrects the way you move by changing the distribution of weight as you walk and by retraining the muscles to adopt an optimal walking pattern over time. As part of the treatment plan, patients wear the footwear system while performing their daily routine tasks, achieving two widely applied rehabilitation principles with every step.

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Blood Pressure, Obesity and Diabetes

High blood pressure (hypertension), obesity, and diabetes among the American population are on the rise. Patients with diabetes, whether type I or type II, whether insulin dependent or not, bring numerous challenges for the medical community…

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Obesity and high blood pressure bring increased risk for heart disease, and the unhappy triad of all 3, place a significant strain on the kidneys and may lead to chronic kidney disease. Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes make up 75% of those diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

ProHealth and Fitness’ carefully guided B.O.D. Program is aimed at improving body composition, increasing lean muscle tissue, decreasing fat, and boosting overall confidence and well being. Working closely with your doctor and possibly a nutritionist, we can help you make the changes you have been trying to make for years. Who has high blood pressure and diabetes? Very often, people who are obese develop adult onset, or type II diabetes. Help STOP the momentum! Behavior changes are possible! Take an active role in your healthcare, our new B.O.D. Program is the scientific way to look better, feel better, and function better.

Fall Prevention

ProHealth PT OT’s multi-disciplinary Fall Prevention Program is based on the latest research. The U.S. Center for Disease Control reports that a third of the senior population over 65 and half of the senior population over 80 will fall each year…

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These falls often lead to catastrophic injuries and disability. Our clinicians will identify risk factors in all aspects of life, including your home, your medications, and of course your physical function, allowing us to minimize your risk of falling.

ProHealth & Fitness’ unique program utilizes individually tailored exercises and activities in your home, the neighborhood senior center, or our clinic to reduce your risk of falls and enhance your mobility.  ProHealth is actively involved in ongoing evidence-based initiatives through collaboration with the New York State Department of Health’s Task Force on Fall Prevention, and has programming based on principles of exercise science, Tai Chi, functional movement, and motor learning.

Peripheral Neuropathy

ProHealth & Fitness’ Neuropathy Program focuses not only on symptom reduction through a variety of modalities such as NeuroFeedback, biofeedback, vibration electrical, thermal, and manual treatments, but on improving activity and function despite the symptoms through therapeutic exercise and activities…

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There are many types of peripheral neuropathy affecting more than 20 million Americans. More often than not, older adults suffer from neuropathy, but it can occur at any age. A survey of Medicare recipients found that peripheral neuropathy is the primary or secondary diagnosis in 8-9% of respondents, costing Medicare more than $3.5 billion a year. This often misdiagnosed and poorly understood disease is extremely common, may cause pain, weakness, numbness, temperature sensitivity, and/or blood pressure instability due to its affect on the motor, sensory, and autonomic nervous systems.

Treatments aimed to restore function are our goal in numerous categories of neuropathy including: Diabetic, Autonomic, Hereditary, Infectious disease, Cancer related, Immune mediated, Compressive, Drug induced and toxic neuropathies.  ProHealth’s Clinical Director, Dr. James Nussbaum is involved with Weil Cornell’s Neuropathy Center, and its affliate organization, the Neuropathy Association.


Renal Rehabilitation

The National Kidney Foundation’s guidelines (KDOQI ™) recommend regular physical function assessment and the promotion of physical activity and exercise for patients with kidney failure. KDOQI recommends a PT referral for the many patients who may be severely deconditioned to promote strength and endurance…

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Unfortunately, referral to rehabilitation and function specialists is not the standard practice for Nephrologists.

One of ProHealth & Fitness’ goals is to change the standard of practice to comply with KDOQI guidelines and more importantly improve the quality of patients’ lives..  Our skilled Physical and Occupational Therapists will perform evaluations and treatment to improve patients’ independence, activity level, and overall quality of life. ProHealth’s Renal Rehabilitation program has been featured in numerous publications, and continues to make positive differences in patients’ lives.

Heart and Lung Disease

ProHealth and Fitness’ Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is tailored toward patients who do not require formal cardiac or pulmonary rehab, but whose physicians are comfortable with our unique approach to improving cardio-respiratory function through the use of progressive therapeutic exercise and activities under the care of a skilled clinician…

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Our staff constantly monitors vital signs, Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) through the Borg scale, and pulse oximetry. ProHealth utilizes valid and reliable outcome measures, such as Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV), the 6 minute walk test, and graded exercise tests are utilized to measure progress and return to function. Our clinical staff has worked closely with many of NYC’s premier Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, and Primary Care Physicians to promote a safe and progressive environment that promotes optimal patient outcomes.

Hand & Upper Extremity

ProHealth and Fitness can supply you with customized and prefabricated splints as well as pre and post operative bracing, as we are a Medicare approved and accredited Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider.

Our hands make us all uniquely human. Our hands are vital organs that allow us to interact, connect with and feel our environment…

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We call upon our hands to do the most delicate and intricate of tasks, to the heaviest and most strenuous activities. Loss of or impairments in hand function can be very devastating and frightening. It significantly impacts our ability to engage in our daily living activities, and may have a profound negative effect on our self-image. Hand Therapy is often imperative to allow maximum recovery from hand dysfunction. Impairments in hand function may either be brought about by traumatic injuries (such as fractures, tendon injuries, crush injuries and other sharp/blunt trauma, burns, post brain/spinal cord injury) or non-traumatic disorders (such as arthritis, tendinitis, nerve compression from repetitive stress, post-stroke weakness).

At ProHealth and Fitness we offer a variety of intervention strategies to optimize motor recovery and facilitate an early return to daily living and work activities. We offer hands-on treatment, including: splinting, wound management, functional skills training, joint/soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic exercises/activities, provision of assistive devices and training, ergonomic, among others. Our team of skilled hand therapists will closely work with patients to establish treatment goals and coordinate with their medical/surgical team to optimize recovery.

Pre & Post Operative Specialty

More and more people are undergoing operative procedures to improve their mobility, reduce pain, and enhance function. Orthopedic surgeries aimed at restoring joint integrity and stability are extremely common and are expected to increase as our population ages…

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ProHealth & Fitness’ Pre & Post Operative Specialty Program aims to optimize outcomes by improving range of motion and strength prior to a procedure (Pre), and then in coordination with surgeons and other practitioners after surgery (post). Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, disc problems, and traumatic injuries may result in total joint replacements, carpal tunnel, cartilage, ligament, and tendon surgeries, discectomies, and fusions, and are some of the many procedures focused on in our Pre and Post Operative program. Research has demonstrated that “pre-hab” or “rehabilitation prior to surgery” may help improve outcomes post surgery. Our clinicians will work closely with you and your surgeon to optimize your results.